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I accompany companies on their frontend. Best practices, tests, CI, performances, I’ll give you pragmatic solutions on how to improve your frontend stack.


It’s always great to learn new things. Your developers ignore everything about npm deployment? They ignore how to use correctly React? or how to migrate from your server side frontend to a new shiny webapp? I’m available to help your team and you.


I work for 10 years on various languages from PHP to Python, but today my expertise is on JavaScript. If you need a JavaScript developer, feel free to contact me.


  • ABTasty
  • SportEasy
  • Riminder
  • Yellow Innovation

Who am I

I’ve grown up with the web development: I started HTML at 13 in 1999 and PHP the next year, mainly for my video game teams.

I got a degree a Computer Graphic Design in 2008 and started to work for startup and big companies such as Weborama, Speedy, Kookai, LaForet, Demeco, Gandi, Deezer, Alkemics…

Since 2017, I work as software consultant to help companies on their frontend stack, from development to deployment. I’m based in Paris, France.

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